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The Exclusive Signature Style of the FLOOR FANTASY Bamboo Flooring Collection illustrates a uniquely inviting comfort by revealing delicate tones of natural soft colors, brilliant finishes, and classical lines.

The rich texture and glowing effect of the Signature Style Bamboo Flooring highlights the attraction of the vibrant colors and singular beauty of FLOOR FANTASY Exclusive Line.

Classical elegance and the highly functional exceptional quality of the FLOOR FANTASY Bamboo Flooring Collection reflect the inviting soft look of the Bamboo Floor, adding a unique touch of charm and beauty.

Elegant and Exotic outstanding design of FLOOR FANTASY Exclusive Bamboo Flooring Product Line represents an identification of a new generation of engineered Bamboo Floor with unique characteristics, and offers incomparable variety of design possibilities for impressive inspiring effects, providing romantic decorating options with superior performance, versatility and durability throughout the lifetime of the product. A new floor sensation offers the promise of luxurious comfort for the perfect experience, and became the favorite, preferred choice of Architects, Interior Designers, and Consumers worldwide.

Ultimate in elegance, timeless beauty and lasting performance, the functional and decorative benefits of FLOOR FANTASY distinctive Bamboo Flooring Collection underlines the unique charm of fascinating variety in combination of colors and finishes. Discover Classic Style of Elegance, luxurious comfort and functional versatility of the Signature Style Bamboo Flooring Collection exclusively at FLOOR FANTASY.

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