Sub-floor condition
Bamboo flooring can also be installed over a concrete floor with an approved adhesive. Identical care of the concrete surface should be the same as with a wood sub-floor. The surface of the concrete floor must be flat, clean, dry, smooth, and free of dirt, wax, oil, paint, curing agents and other elements that would interfere with an adhesive bond. All cracks and holes must be filled with a cement patching material. It is important to test the moisture content of the concrete slab to stay within the 3% recommended moisture range between the flooring and slab. Use any high quality wood floor adhesive available, such as Franklin 811 Plus, Bostik's Best, following the manufacturer's Installation recommendations.


A moisture barrier must be applied for floor installed over concrete sub-floors. If possible moisture conditions may exist now or in the future, the use of moisture barrier wood-flooring adhesive like "Bostik's Best" or "Franklin 811 Plus" is recommended. In case, where the moisture condition is not a concern, any high grade adhesive may be used. Spread with 1/4" x 1/8" square notched trowel. The Planks should be started square with the room and parallel to its longest dimension by positioning with a chalk line, leaving 1/4" expansion space from base plate or wall to allow any expansion. Ensure starter rows are firmly in place by wedging or face nailing. Once initial rows are secure, use adhesive in a Wet-Lay or Walk-on-Work method of installation. The room of installation, bamboo floor planks and adhesive should be conditioned at room temperature for 24 hours before and after installation. For best adhesive performance follow the recommended instructions on the adhesive you're using for Bamboo floor installation.

Caution: For Bamboo Flooring Installation the Nail Down application is strongly recommended. If the Glue Down application has to be used, when the sub-floor condition is good enough, you should be very careful to prevent dropping glue on bamboo flooring. It is very hard to clean dropping glue on bamboo flooring, because some cleaning solvents may damage the pre-finished surface. Warranty is in effect, if products are installed in accordance with Installation Instructions, using the recommended adhesive for Glue down floors, and maintaining floor according care recommendations with proper humidity conditions that are maintained within the home. While bamboo flooring is much more stable than all wood, it is still subject to damage when in direct contact with a constant wet slab. The bamboo must be isolated from this type of slab by use of a sub-floor, or have a contractor repair subjected areas before installation.