One of the main advantages of pre-finished Bamboo flooring is the convenient, quick, easy and clean installation; supporting traffic the same day as floor is installed, and not disrupting your everyday life. The ideal "Dust-Free" Installation eliminates dust due to floor sanding, and the factory "Pre-finished" Bamboo flooring plank eliminates floor-finish unsafe odor, as well as floor-finish drying time during the Finish application process. Exceptional protection from the Floor Fantasy Exclusive Advanced-Finishing System provides a long lasting beauty, a superior durability and stability, along with the wear and stain resistance, and "Care-Free" easy maintenance of the Bamboo Flooring.

The premium quality milling of the Floor Fantasy Bamboo Flooring planks exceeds the industry quality standards, integrating multiple assurances for a superior uniformity, a better appearance, an easier installation, and an exceptional durability. The Signature Style Bamboo flooring incorporates the perfect, seamless uniformity of the tongue-and-groove system fit on all four sides of the plank for exceptional appearance and outstanding performance. Considering Floor Fantasy's high standards of manufacturing, and the superior quality of the Exclusive Bamboo Flooring Line, the professionals appreciate its easy, convenient and carefree installation.

The Installation Guide describes the Bamboo Floor installation recommendations and instructions using the Nail Down or Glue Down application methods. Please refer to the appropriate section of the Guide for the instructions that apply to your installation type. The installation methods are the same as all regular hardwood flooring pre-finished planks using the standard flooring nails and recommended adhesives. For the best results of Bamboo Floor installation, we highly recommend employing a professional flooring contractor. The flooring contractor is advised to adhere to the preparation, installation, finishing and maintenance procedures outlined in the Hardwood Flooring Manual. Properly installed and maintained Bamboo Floor will make an outstanding statement of incomparable beauty and top quality performance.

· Preparation for the Bamboo Floor Installation ·
Prior to the installation of the Bamboo flooring, the installer must carefully inspect all materials, check the quantity and product item number for accuracy, and determine that everything is matching the work order. It is the responsibility of the installer to determine if the job site sub-floor and job site conditions are environmentally acceptable for the installation of the Bamboo Flooring. Floor Fantasy disclaims all liability for any errors or improprieties in the installation of its products by an installer. Manufacturing defects must be reported prior to flooring installation. Warranty does not cover materials with visible defects after they are installed. Each box should be inspected for differences in color. Since bamboo is the natural fiber, and variations in color may naturally occur, the warranty does not cover variations in color. It is recommended, prior to the installation, to unpack and lay out few cartons of flooring so that the color variations can be mixed in a random pattern, and not consolidated in a single area.

· General Installation Conditions ·
In the area of the Bamboo Floor Installation, temperature and humidity must be brought to the actual normal usage levels, at least 48-72 hours prior to installation, and maintained at those levels after installation. The Bamboo Flooring packages should be placed in the room and allowed to acclimatize to the room's temperature for as long as possible before the installation. The moisture meter must be used to check moisture levels in both the sub-floor and the bamboo flooring before installation.

· Bamboo Flooring Installation Methods ·
Pre-finished Bamboo Floor is the ideal floor covering choice with quick, easy and clean installation, eliminating sanding, dust and finish drying. With the tongue and groove configuration and super-durable finish, the pre-finished Bamboo flooring planks can be easily installed over various floor surfaces, such as a Wood sub-floor or a Concrete floor. Similar to the regular hardwood flooring installation, Bamboo Flooring uses two methods of applications: the Nailed Down or the Glued Down.

Glue-Down Application Specifics Nail-Down Application Specifics

· Refinishing ·
Bamboo flooring can be sanded and refinished like any other hardwood floor surface. Floor sanding involves using a special floor sander, edge sander, and possibly, a polisher with a disc attachment for holding sand paper. Bamboo flooring will take both, dyes and stains, very well. Therefore, bamboo flooring can be finished, refinished or repaired with any polyurethane or compatible coating. The techniques of sanding and finishing require high skill, and best results may be obtained by employing professional floor finishers.