Sub-floor condition
The surface of the Wood sub-floor must be solid, flat, smooth, clean, dry and free of dirt, wax, oil, paint, curing agents and other elements that would interfere with an adhesive bond. For the Wood sub-floor 5/8" or 3/4" thick Plywood is recommended. Wood sub-floors joints must be sanded level prior to the new Installation, if necessary. Fifteen pound building paper should be laid directly onto the sub-floor as a vapor barrier. This building paper will also server to minimize squeaks caused by small movements in the flooring.


Using the Nailing Down Application Bamboo floor must be installed over the Wood sub-floors. The recommended nail gun is the Primatech for " flooring with 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" cleat. Nail down planks should be started square with the room and parallel to its longest dimension by positioning with a chalk line leaving a 1/4 inch space from the base plate or wall to allow any expansion. Ensure starter rows are firmly in place by wedging or face nailing. Once initial rows are secure, second and further rows shall be blind nailed directly above tongue at a 45-50 degree angle to the face. Care should be taken to properly space the nails intervals along each plank.

Caution: For Bamboo Flooring Installation, the Nail Down application is strongly recommended. If the Glue Down application has to be used, when the sub-floor condition is good enough, you should be very careful to prevent dropping glue on the bamboo flooring. It is very hard to clean dropping glue on bamboo flooring because some cleaning solvents may damage the pre-finished surface. The Warranty is in effect if products are installed in accordance with the Installation Instructions, using the recommended adhesive for Glue down floors, and maintaining the floor according care recommendations with proper humidity conditions that are maintained within the home.