Floor Fantasy Bamboo Flooring with exceptional classic beauty, require minimal maintenance and lasting for many decades. With proper care and maintenance, you can generally prevent most problems before they occur, to ensure that your new floor retains its natural beauty, strength and durability. The following preventative recommendations are highly suggested to enjoy a lifetime of beautiful Bamboo Flooring coverage.

Quick and Easy Maintenance is simple, effective way to care for your Bamboo Floor.
  • Regularly vacuum the floor as necessary to remove all traces of dust, sand or abrasive residues to prevent from accumulating the dirt, and scratching or dulling the finish.
  • Place quality doormats outside and rugs inside in front of all entrances to your home to help protect your floor, and prevent from outside abrasive dust, grit, water, sand and dirt. Keep the doormats and rugs clean. It is advisable to clean the soles of shoes when entering the home to help save unnecessary clean-up tasks and keep long lasting beauty of your Bamboo floor.
  • Apply sufficient protective fabric-faced easy-glide buttons under the feet of all furniture and chairs legs in order to ease their movements, and to provide maximum floor protection against scratches and dents commonly caused by furniture. Before moving heavy object across the floor always put a clean piece of carpet (turned upside- down), and then move furniture into the place by sliding slowly over the floor with the smooth side down.
  • Immediately wipe up spills or spots from the floor with dry cloth or paper towels. To remove all cloudy residue or dulling dirt-film layers from the floor, clean it with regular Glass and Surface Cleaner. It will remove the dulling residue that builds upon the floor surface, and will dry clear enhancing the shine of the Bamboo floor.
  • Never use wax and oil-base detergent cleaner.
  • Keep "high heel" shoes in good condition. Avoid wearing high heel shoes that have lost their protective caps or shoes with any sharp exposed nail or stone, that enough to damage any type of floor covering.
  • Take common-sense precautions to protect the floor when working with sharp, heavy objects, avoid dropping or throwing sharp or pointed objects on the floor.
  • Place a rug in front of the kitchen sink, kitchen working stations, and the dishwasher to protect the floor from dropped kitchen accessories and from water or oily detergent spills.
  • Maintain normal interior humidity levels throughout the year.
Enjoy the timeless beauty of Bamboo Flooring from Floor Fantasy Exclusive Line Collection.