Floor Fantasy Bamboo Flooring is manufactured to the highest standards of performance with multiple assurances of the superior quality throughout the lifetime of the product with proven strength, stability and durability. Our advanced design, highly developed production technologies, and exceptional style allow us to provide one of the best warranties in the Floor covering industry. Floor Fantasy's Exclusive Signature Style Bamboo Flooring Collection covered by a lifetime structural warranty, a full five year Finish Wear Layer Warranty and 25 year Super-Wear ScratchGuard Finish under normal usage conditions, with proper maintenance, and when floor has been installed in accordance with the specification guidance and the installation instruction furnished for the product.

  • Pre-Installation Warranty applies to the original purchaser at the time of sale to confirm that purchased Bamboo Floor is guaranteed to meet the best quality standards, and to be free from defects in material and manufacture.

  • Lifetime Structural Warranty Floor Fantasy issues a Lifetime Structural Manufacturer Warranty on all Bamboo flooring engineered planks, in their original manufactured state, to be free from defects in material, lamination, and assembly for lifetime. Floor Fantasy further warrants that Bamboo Flooring, which manufactured in accordance with accepted industry standards, will not delaminate, separate, buckle or cup as a result of a manufacturing defect, when professionally applied in accordance with the installation instruction provided for the product, when utilized under normal condition, maintained according to the guidance, and used for its intended purpose. As a condition for the Warranties to have effect, the installation and maintenance instructions must be followed.

  • Wear-Layer System Warranty Floor Fantasy warrants that Bamboo Flooring Pre-finished Surface will not wear through or separate from the bamboo for a period of full five years from the date of original purchase for Wear Layer Finish, and 25 years for Super Wear ScratchGuard Finish. The warranty coverage is in effect, when Bamboo floor professionally installed according to specifications, maintained according to instructions, and used for its intended purpose under normal residential traffic condition, when reasonable precautions are taken to protect the finish from unusual abuse.

  • Warranty Exclusions The warranty does not apply to the damages caused by any mechanical problem such as surface indentation, scratched caused by lack of proper protection and maintenance, negligence, spiked heel shoes, moisture problems, insufficient furniture protection, erosion, pebbles, sand and other abrasive abuse, water damage caused by flooding. Floor Fantasy cannot guarantee accident or failure to follow all the manufacturer specific written installation instruction, floor installation with visible defects, improper maintenance, misuse or inaccurate alterations of the original manufactured product.