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Bamboo is one of the world's significant construction materials that offer a superior choice for flooring options as strong, long-lasting and beautiful Floor Covering. As the array of products expands into bamboo, Architects and Designers, residential and commercial Builders and Developers incorporate Bamboo flooring for an incredible amount of application in various aspects of construction as a quality product that would comply with the Green Building Specifications.

Bamboo Flooring Hardness
Bamboo Flooring Products, with Best-in-Class durability is appreciably harder than majority of other types of hardwood flooring. By way of the hardness comparison, Bamboo Floor average 30% harder than Red Oak, and up to 15% harder than maple.

Bamboo Flooring Durability
The exceptional durability of bamboo flooring minimizes the need for frequent flooring replacement, and provides a lifetime of beauty and enjoyment.

Bamboo Flooring Stability
Adding to the incomparable qualities of bamboo, is the versatility in which it brings its natural ability to tolerate humid conditions and withstand moisture makes it highly desirable for flooring. Bamboo flooring provides more dimensional stability. It does not expand nor contract with the changes in temperature and moisture, as other traditional hardwood floors. That makes it a very stable flooring material. Structurally it is 50% more stable than Red Oak.

Bamboo Flooring Stain Resistant
The Premium top quality Finish of Bamboo flooring surface provides perfect protection and prevents stains from almost any spill.

Bamboo Flooring Resistant to Fading
Bamboo Floor will not fade, become lighter due to sunlight or electrical light.

Bamboo Flooring Scratch and Scuff Resistant
Bamboo Floor resists scratches, scuffs and indentations significantly better than any other floor covering.

Bamboo Flooring - Prescriptions for a Healthy Home
Bamboo is not only known for its beauty, outstanding heat-resistance and durability, but also as a material which sustains freshness and contributes to cleaner, healthy and pleasant living environment. It is more hygienic in comparison to carpets, which are accumulating dust, creating problems for the air and your health.

Environmentally Friendly Bamboo Flooring
Bamboo is the world's most environmentally friendly natural construction material. In an age when deforestation is becoming a global issue, Bamboo has been attracting attention as the ecological solution of the era, and a new ideal Environmental choice for the Flooring material, because the plant is remarkable for its ability to grow quickly and has strong reproducing growing abilities.

Bamboo Flooring Quick and Easy Maintenance
Bamboo Flooring with exceptional classic beauty, require minimal maintenance and lasting for many decades. Bamboo flooring is the easiest of all floor surfaces to keep clean and new looking. Genuine easy care makes routine maintenance simple as just vacuuming the floor to keep it clean. Unlike carpeted floor that accumulates dust and shows wear regardless of care, the surface finish of Bamboo Floor will not absorb liquids, smoke, odors or germs. Benefit from easy and quick maintenance, and enjoy the timeless beauty of Bamboo Flooring.